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Cancellation Policy 2023/24

  1. To confirm your booking, a non-refundable payment that has been discussed with Love Rara should be made and returned along with booking form. Payment can be made by via bank transfer. Please be advised when holding a date and choosing a character that character changes may occur due to staff illness, holidays, or staff departures, etc. Unfortunately, these things cannot always be foreseen, but Love Rara will ensure that we deliver a high-quality service and will be sure to accommodate these circumstances.

  2. A maximum number of attendees per party is set. This varies depending on the activity you book. Please contact Love Rara for details. Customers should confirm the number of party attendees on the booking form to ensure an appropriate food order can be placed (where applicable). Changes of more than 2 attendees should be communicated to the Love Rara in writing 7 days before the party as additional fees may apply. Love Rara will provide written confirmation of the party on receipt deposit and booking form. If we arrive to a party and there is over the numbers, you have advised that the numbers must be reduced to meet requirements.

  3. The Manager reserves the right to refuse an application or cancel a booking for reasons that are out of our control (e.g. unforeseen circumstances). Love Rara will not incur any liability from refusal or cancellation. Any payment made by the hirer will be refunded in full minus the £50 non-refundable deposit.

  4. Full Payment must be made within 14 Days prior to the party/Event/Camp/Workshop, or your place will be cancelled.

  5. Party/Event/Workshop/Camp Bookings: Cancellation must be received in writing at least 14 days in advance of the booking. If the hirer gives less than 14 days’ notice of cancellation or fails to call us and cancel by the appropriate method, no refund will be made.

  6. If the party needs to be rearranged due to ill health a doctor’s certificate must be produced, if this is Covid related immediate contact with Love Rara is required, a new date will be approved at an administrative fee of £30, if cancellation is required this will be at a cost of £30 administrative fee and non-refundable deposit if notified before 14 days.

  7. Room Rental at Your Love Rara Community Hub/Event Booking cancellation must be made within 30 days of booking in writing to failure to do so, you will be charged in full for your booking.

  8. The hirer shall ensure that all those attending the party comply with Love Rara’s Rules and regulations (which is available from the Centre Management team). The hirer is liable to Love Rara for any breach of Love Rara’s rules and regulations and is responsible for all those attending the party.

  9. Parents / guardians must inform Love Rara of any children attending with food allergies at the point of booking or up to 7 days in advance of the party. (If applicable with the package booked)

  10. Your Team will be met at location 5-10 minutes prior to the party start time. To allow set up time please note the entertainment is booked on the time slots you provide. Free parking must be provided please note if we have to pay for parking an invoice will be issued.

  11. Formal complaints: if you have a complaint after your party is held please contact us ASAP in writing attention on Zara Grant, this is so that we can deal with your complaint in the appropriate method and hopefully resolve the problem this can be done via email

  12. We do not tolerate abusive or sexual language, behaviour or harassment towards our staff. If at any point our staff feel unsafe or uncomfortable, they reserve the right to leave immediately with no refund.

  13. If you are having a Booking at our Love Rara Venue at the 25 Castle Street, Castlegate Aberdeen you can arrive 15 minutes before and must leave 15 minutes after your given time slot, to allow for room change around. If you are over your given time slots a fee of £15 per additional 15 minutes will be charged and invoiced.


  1. If you are having a party within your garden, there must be appropriate areas of cover in case of rain or weather that needs protection, our costumes are high quality, and we need to ensure we are protecting them from mud/severe weather. Also creating a comfortable working environment for our staff.

  2. We ask that all areas are cleaned before we attend, and we will limit any need for touching anything that we do not provide and ask that the same is done. We will bring our own sanitation products that we require for our use so we can follow our risk policies and stop the spread of viruses. If there are suitable handwashing facilities available this would also be appreciated if they are easily accessible.


There are many things you can do to ensure your party is a hit. Please take a minute to read our list of suggestions. After all...we know a thing or two about pulling off a perfect party!


  1. We advise no more than 20 children for most of our packages but this will vary dependant on package and location. Most of our entertainment is based on imaginative and creativity play therefore larger groups are harder to entertain. Speak to your party planner for other options if larger groups. Party sizes will be as per government guidance at this time regarding gatherings.

  2. The younger the age, the fewer the guests. If your princess/superhero is turning 3 or 4, a party exceeding 20 guests has the potential to get out of control. Younger children need more attention so limit your guest list if the party-goers are younger.

  3. Space, Space, SPACE! We cannot stress enough how much space we need. Our parties are full of singing, dancing, games, activities and more. So push back those couches and take the coffee tables in the other room. A crowded party is never fun and this is more than ever needed.

  4. Front row parking. We appreciate it when we are given a front row spot to your house/centre. We have a car full of fun that we need to carry in for the party. Remember...the party doesn't begin until all the fun is in!

  5. Once in a while, in all of the excitement, we need a parental figure to step in and help with a child. If you see that one of the guests is interfering with a game or preventing the party from running smoothly, we ask that the hostess or any other adult figure take care of the matter.

  6. Make sure your house/hall temperature is lower than usual. When you factor in the guests that will be coming to the party, the bystanders and all of us, your house is bound to get several degrees warmer than usual. And although the people watching the party may not notice the ever-increasing temperature in the room, the princesses do notice. So please make sure your house is nice and cool.

  7. No balloons on the floor please these are a tripping hazard and can get caught in dresses and costumes. We also ask that bouncy castles are turned off during character attendance time. They are very loud and make it hard for our actors to speak loudly over it without straining their voice. Turning them off also ensures the children spend time with the character and you are getting your times worth with them.

  8. Household pets are not allowed near the character costumes, if muddy paws or scratches make their way on to our costumes you are liable to repair or replace costumes if necessary.

  9. Absolutely no smoking while the characters are present. Doing so would result in an immediate end to the party with no refund as well as the cost of cleaning our wigs and costumes to eliminate the smell.

  10. Often while we are entertaining a group of children, the adults are having a party of their own and we are forced to talk - sometimes almost yell - over the crowd. We love an audience, so if you plan on having the adults watching, please remind them to keep chatter to a minimum. Due to current guidelines can you please ensure this is being met from all areas before we attend. 11. Play along with us! Please don’t ruin the magic by asking the character’s their real names or saying ‘we saw a different one another time’, or speaking about wigs or costumes. The characters are real and we ask you help our staff to keep the magic alive by playing along!


  1. When parties are outside please ensure the area is set up with enough space to avoid any cross over with others (children can play freely) this will avoid any unnecessary cross contamination. Ensure the area is free of any trip hazards and if there are any potential known hazards please make us aware as soon as possible.

  2. If you follow these simple steps, your party is sure to be a great success

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