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Meet Our Volunteers 

I started volunteering with Love Rara when I was 14. Before volunteering, I was shy, never spoke in public and had no confidence at all. Starting with Love Rara has allowed me to gain new skills by being able plan and host workshops with all ages. I’ve gained new communication skills by working in large groups of other volunteers. This is the volunteer role that prepared me and taught me the skills for successful job interviews and university applications. I wouldn’t be in the career path I am in without the help from Love Rara and their volunteers xx - Rosie Neilson 12.03.24

I had the pleasure of working at Love Rara. I can genuinely say it became a cornerstone of my personal and professional growth. The skills gained at Love Rara are undeniably transferable to any job. Whether it's the ability to think on my feet, effectively communicate with colleagues and clients, or exude charisma and enthusiasm in any situation, the lessons learned from my time at the company have proven to be assets in every aspect of my life. Working at Love Rara has been pivotal for me, shaping me into a more confident and capable individual ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way." - Heather Buchan 12.03.24


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