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Create a one on one time memory package with a princess or superhero to allow children to have that Magical Moment that can support and build positivity within families who might be going through hard times. 



  • Improve mental health-  By creating a positive memory this helps not only build mood and positivity but is a keepsake for family and children forever. Studies show For children and adolescents living with life-threatening illnesses, efforts to build memories and confirm they are loved and will be remembered are important. Many children need and want to know that they will not be forgotten

  • Supporting families through troubling times- working closely with the Aberdeen Children Hospital this has helped us recognise that parents want their children to be able to experience valuable family time together and memories they can all have forever within a safe environment.


Included in price: 

* 2 hour experience with 2 characters of their choice 

 *Afternoon tea for family of 4 

* Private room rental to create a truly magical experience. 

* Gift for 2 children 

* Room Decor themed to suit the character of their choice 

* Photographer to capture the experience. 


Afternoon Tea for family of 4

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