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Dancing through life

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

On the 27th of August, we held a dance workshop with Hayley Brown. We enjoyed this immensely and were grateful to be able to share the artform with all who attended. The positive influence of dance on a young person is undeniable; studies have shown just how effective the medium of dance can be in creating the correct environment for cognitive development. Not only can dance be used as a medium for therapy, it also offers an opportunity for someone to express themselves.

Dance provides empowerment through movement, encouraging individuals to be creative and to move their body without thinking. For young people that are self-conscious

Although there are many dance classes available in and around the city, these are at times not affordable for many of the young people who wish to attend. This workshop was a part of our social platform and was therefore funded by donations. Our workshops are designed to support all families including low income households. If those who attend cannot afford the session, they can provide a donation or whatever they can afford. This move helps to make dance accessible for all, encouraging young people to get involved in an empowering, creative and healthy hobby.

-Joanna Bremner 06.09.2021

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